Why I started this blog:

  1. Some time ago I started to feel overwhelmed by all the world problems being presented in the media continuously. Although I know about many good examples and solutions being developed and implemented for sustainability, the amount of negative information overweighed my hope for the better future.
  2. When I was teaching the course "Sustainable Development", students who learned about sustainability challenges and risks wanted to know what we can do with the plethora of problems we face daily and how we can improve one area without damaging the other ones. It is not unusual to see drawbacks of sustainability contributions. For example, building of wind turbines, which should give us clean energy, is negatively affecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

These made me seek for examples of inspiring and innovative solutions for the problems we face right now or can face in the future. And in this blog I want to share these examples with others.  

'Think Sustainable: Doing Good and Thinking Better' is aimed at presenting inspiring ideas/products/projects/initiatives that attempt to contribute positively to sustainability (Doing Good), as well as analyzing its drawbacks to improve our thinking about either a problem or a chosen approach to solve it (Thinking Better).

Our way to sustainability is a balancing act. Each solution has its positive and negative effects. I choose to be inspired by the positive effects, while seeing the negative ones as stimuli to improve our thinking and, thus, find more effective solutions.

About me:

  • My interest in sustainability was sparked when I was getting my bachelor degree in computer science. I wanted to change my study direction and do something more meaningful for the society. Thanks to the professor I met back in 2010 and who introduced me to sustainable development, I now hold one master degree in "Sustainable Development and Governance: Global and Regional Contexts" from Ukraine and one master degree in "Sustainable Manufacturing" from Norway.
  • In my PhD I worked on the development of corporate sustainability assessment in manufacturing using SDGs. I focused on the systems thinking approach to address the complexity of sustainability in order to assess how industry contributes to sustainability.
  • I have been teaching "Sustainable Development" course at NTNU where I met many students who were passionate about sustainability and had interesting ideas and questions.
  • My personal attempts to contribute to sustainability are: reducing my consumption, avoid single-use plastic, reduce food waste, improve energy efficiency of my house, and trying to help those who needs it.